Lilley & Gillie at the Rugby World Cup

As England are hosting the 2015 Rugby World Cup, John Lilley & Gillie are very proud to announce that they hosted all three games at Newcastle’s St. James’ Park stadium. 

Lilley & Gillie invited some of their valued customers to join them at each of the games. 
The games included: a crunching encounter between Scotland and South Africa, a fast paced battle between New Zealand and Tonga, and finally a thrilling clash between Scotland and Samoa, with each game being played out in front of a packed St. James’ Park crowd. 
South Africa, New Zealand, and Scotland won each of their respective games and from these results each of the teams have progressed to the final knock-out stages of the tournament along with:  Argentina, Australia, France, Ireland, and Wales.
Who will be the outright winner remains to be seen…. 

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CNITA Compass Adjusters

CNITA Compass Adjusters

All MCA qualified


To comply with SOLAS and MCA regulations, you must ensure compasses are adjusted at least every two years by a qualified compass adjuster. Failure to do so may cause danger to shipping in general and delays to your vessel by order of Port State Control Inspectors.


The unique properties of the Magnetic Compass

Why the magnetic compass is still of vital importance

When I joined John Lilley & Gillie in 2004, the company had recently bought a 50% shareholding in a software company with the intention of producing its own ECDIS – the Navmaster ECDIS. Then, I was very quickly introduced to a former owner and MD of the company, who gave me a copy of a report he had written, which demonstrated the importance and unique properties of the magnetic compass. It was a good lesson in understanding the importance and functionality of both electronic and traditional methods of navigation and one that continues to be relevant today.

Whilst this is now 16 years ago, the relevance is still valid.



As you will be aware the Coronavirus is not only affecting personal life, but businesses as well.

Therefore, we feel it is necessary to set out some expectations of what support you will receive from John Lilley & Gillie to try and keep your business running as smooth as possible.

How we are helping ourselves to help you:


APM 2018

Asia Pacifia Maritime at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is one of the stars of the Maritime exhibition calander. 

As always John Lilley & Gillie are astounded and apreciative of the incredable support from our partners for our range of products.