P296 Service Bulletin

John Lilley and Gillie Ltd : Service Bulletin – July 2016

Wind speed and direction masthead units – Customer Modifications of sensor / Voiding the warranty.

There have been a small number of warranty claims in recent months regarding the P296 cup and vane style sensors.  This bulletin will be addressing what to do in the event of any similar problem occurring and the correct procedure to follow.

In the unlikely event of a unit developing a defect please note that we operate a “return to base” warranty procedure, which is outlined in our terms and conditions of sale.  P296 solder

Therefore, before attempting any running repairs or modification yourselves, (which will always invalidate our manufacturer’s warranty), please contact us for advice or assistance.

If an urgent replacement sensor is required then we can work with you or your end user on a case by case basis, please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss arrangements.

Some of the recent claims have stated that the vane is being blown off due to high winds.  We wish to remind our customers that the vane unit is secured into the sensor with grub screws and locking compound, and is designed to withstand extremely high wind forces and it is highly unlikely that it can be blown off in normal operating environments.

In the improbable event that the vane is compromised or missing in any way please simply contact us and we can discuss with you or the end user a suitable remedy, we can offer service exchange units as replacement.

The modification, as seen in the adjoining photo, although ingenious, invalidated the warranty. P296 vane

Please note that we do not authorise any modifications to our equipment and any attempt to do so will void the warranty. 

Should you have any queries or questions regarding our equipment please do not hesitate to contact our sales or service team when we assure of a speedy and professional response. 






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