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Lilley and Gillie announce that their Navmaster ECDIS type-specific training CD-Rom is now available

Believed to be the first stand-alone type-specific training CD-Rom available to ship owners, Lilley and Gillie have taken the view that the required training should be made as convenient as possible to customers.

Lilley and Gillie’s total ECDIS solution is based on the concept that it is simpler for the ship manager to be able to deal with a single point of contact with a product. ECDIS is made up of several different parts, which come together to form the whole. To have a type approved ECDIS you must have the correct hardware, charts and training.


For 200 years Lilley and Gillie have been one of the world’s foremost marine navigation equipment manufactures. With the fully approved Navmaster ECDIS produced in England at Lilley and Gillie’s Birmingham factory and type approved to meet the IMO standards meeting the need for high quality, type approved hardware has been made simple for ship managers.

cd rom article image 1In charts Lilley and Gillie are a top tier United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) Premium Digital Distributor and International Chart Agent. As well as representing the UKHO Lilley and Gillie are distributors for Primar and Jeppsen C-Map. This allows them to offer all available official sources of charts. Lilley and Gillie can assist ship managers in assessing which charts meet the carriage requirements and the most economical way to licence these.

While Lilley and Gillie continue to offer face-to-face training both in a network of affiliated schools and by sending trainers to customers they recognise there is a gap for a simple and cost effective training solution to meet the exacting requirements of ECDIS.

Having access to training material on board in the form of a CD-Rom will enable officers working all over the world to carry out the training no matter where they are. One CD-Rom on board can be used by any number of ships officers. Of course it can also be repeated as a refresher exercise with no additional cost. This will ensure that not only will you meet STCW requirements that all watch keepers must have familiarisation in the ECDIS they use but also, more importantly, that they are competent in the equipment they will use.

Designed to be used on board or ashore there is no requirement for Internet access. Following the CD-Rom release a web-based version of the training will be made available, which will allow officers to complete the training before leaving for the vessel.

The Navmaster ECDIS CD-Rom gives thorough and interactive training in all aspects of Navmaster operation. The training is split into lessons, which can each be carried out whenever convenient. Each lesson provides a voiceover along with text-based explanations. There are also interactive video sequences demonstrating on-screen processes. The user interacts frequently during the training, carrying out actions exactly as they would when using the Navmaster ECDIS. At the end of each topic is a short quiz to reinforce the learning. It takes around 8 hours to complete all the lessons.

cd rom article image 2After completing the training section the candidate will undertake a controlled assessment test. The test itself is drawn randomly from a bank of questions so it cannot be simply predicted. The pass rate has been set at a statistically sound level. This ensures that the user cannot achieve a pass by guessing.

When the assessment is passed a temporary certificate is produced. This is then emailed along with proof of supervision and identity in order to meet the company’s Safety Management System procedures.

It has been shown that the primary cause of training failure occurs when trainees do not follow up their training by using the skills they have learned. Doing the job carries out a good proportion of learning. This does not mean that it would be a good idea to leave training to informal methods. Instead it emphasises the need to practice what has been learned. It is not uncommon to find officers who have carried out training on equipment months before they use it, because “that was the date for the course”. In addition, with many fleets using more than one type of ECDIS it is possible that after training on one system they may sail with another. A key advantage of CBT is it can be carried out when it is most effective.

Navmaster ECDIS CBT is effective and repeatable. It gives ship managers a simple method of ensuring that in terms of competence and compliance their officers make the grade.


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