The Total ECDIS Solution

Total ECDIS Solution Picture 1The Navmaster ECIDS is fully compliant with all current requirements.  To ensure that you are up to date, please refer to our ECDIS compliancy statement as per the below link:


ECDIS Version 8 Upgrade


To ensure vessels meet the IMO ECDIS mandatory fit requirements is the daunting task facing ship owners and managers. These are some of the questions that need to be addressed. 


Do we need single, double, triple installations and how will this work with the current bridge layouts?

Chart Data 

How do I order? 
How does the update service work? 
What type of data do I require to meet regulations? 

Crew Training 

What are the types of training requirements? 
How do new crew keep up to date with the systems installed?

System Maintenance 

What if there is a new ECDIS standard in future years? 
What happens about warranty?

The Total ECDIS Solution is the answer to all of these questions. The hardware is manufactured in-house and is supplied with Navmaster ECDIS software. The result is a system type approved by DN, GL, CCS, and is also wheelmarked. The modular hardware provides a flexible solution with console mount, desk top mount or pedestal mount installations. Installation and system commissioning is carried out by a global network of fully trained engineers. Standard hardware specifications suit most existing bridge layouts:

• 19", 24" & 27" monitor pricing
• Solid state hard drives
• PCI card connection for 8 inputs and 4 outputs

Total ECDIS Solution picture 2Chart Data

The John Lilley & Gillie Navmaster ECDIS is able to use the widest variety of chart formats from all the major chart suppliers. Navmaster is able to support a range from traditional ordering all the way through to the most modern Pay As You Sail (PAYS) options.

We also have full integration with the Admiralty E-Navigator service.

John Lilley & Gillie can assist with tailoring the chart solution to your individual needs.

Crew Training

The requirements of two types of training are necessary. A generic IMO ECDIS course that is to be held and certificated by a Flag State Approved School. Type specific training covering the ECDIS fitted onboard. We have formed global partnerships with Flag State Approved Schools. These schools run the Navmaster training systems and are able to provide both generic and type specific training in a single course. Total ECDIS Solution provides either details of a school to suit vessel crewing arrangements or a fixed end user price to cover training requirements.

Type specific training (Onboard)

Constant development of skills in operating the make and model of ECDIS fitted onboard is vital for all crew/users. The CBT (Computer Based Training) module is supplied alongside our annual support contract to ensure crew members, in their own time, are able to refresh and develop their Navmaster ECDIS skills.

Total ECDIS Solution image 3Maintaining your investment

The IMO has decreed that ECDIS is one of the first mandatory fit systems that must be maintained to current standards. February 2009 was the last IMO update to MSC232. By subscribing to Lilley & Gillie’s Annual Support Contract, owners will receive the following:

  • Support Hotline via phone or e mail
  • CBT
  • Flexible warranty terms (extra cost)
  • Upgrade to current standards

Customers facing warranty procedures

Ensuring vessels are kept going with a fast and reactive service is key to our warranty. Installation of our ECDIS is completed by trained professionals through a breakout box system. This allows both monitor and PC to be connected only by a single cable. This means any future removal and replacement can be done by crew to reduce the need for external service engineers.

Steps to resolve a typical warranty issue

  • Defective monitor reported.
  • Replacement is shipped in accordance to vessel instructions by courier/3-day service worldwide.*
  • Crew replace defective monitor and ship back according to our instructions.
  • Assessment of defective monitor. No further action if covered by warranty. Any damage caused outside warranty new monitor is charged to the owners account.

*There are exceptions to the 2/3 day courier service where customs and import issues are possible (e.g. Brazil and China). Agents in these countries are established to ensure parts are available when required.