Magnetic Compass Service Bulletin



We at Lilley and Gillie have been the manufacturer of magnetic compasses for many years now.   The utmost care has been put into every individual unit providing top quality equipment for customers all around the world.  The most common cause of compass problems is the incorrect servicing of the equipment or the wrong oil being inserted into the bowl.

The compass card is an integral part of the equipment and without it, taking bearings becomes impossible.  If the incorrect oil is added to any compass then this will cause the card to degrade extremely quickly and eventually disintegrate.  We therefore ask anyone who has a Lilley and Gillie compass to first consult with us or one of our many service agents on to which oil to use.

Warped compass card

For our SR4 and ocean compass you will require our FW8870 compass oil which will be available from our service agents or directly from us.  For our older model, the SR3, due to shipping restrictions we are unable to supply, so it will need to be sourced locally.  SR3 compass oil is the following:

  • Ethanol P100
  • Demineralised water
  • Mixed to an SG of 0.95

mag com 1Please note that every time oil has been added to any compass it will need to be retested by a certified compass adjuster or manufacturer.  

Latest News

APM 2018

Asia Pacifia Maritime at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is one of the stars of the Maritime exhibition calander. 

As always John Lilley & Gillie are astounded and apreciative of the incredable support from our partners for our range of products.




SMM 2018

SMM in Hamburg is fast approching and everyone here at Lilley & Gilly is getting set for a great show. 




Christmas 2016 Opening Hours

As we approch the end of another sucessful year at John Lilley & Gillie we would like to wish our friends and customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Garden Reach INS Kadmatt Advanced Degaussing Compass System

The John Lilley and Gillie service department has recently completed the HATS and SATS for INS Kadmatt; this anti-submarine vessel was built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders who are located in Kolkata.  

The system setup comprises of a degaussing compass utilising our top of the range core product the SR4 compass.