Navmaster ECDIS provides advanced AIO features

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The Admiralty Information Overlay is a digital data set that is designed to be displayed over ENCs in ECDIS and other chart display systems to provide additional information to the navigator.

The Overlay contains all Admiralty Temporary & Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs) and provides additional preliminary information that is specific to ENCs, such as reported navigational hazards that have been incorporated on paper charts but have not yet been included in ENCs.

The Overlay gives seafarers an easy way to view the information they need, in addition to the standard chart, to navigate safely and compliantly. The Overlay makes passage planning simpler and safer by clearly showing where important Temporary or Preliminary changes may impact a voyage. It also gives seafarers the same consistent picture of the maritime environment on their ECDIS as they have always had with the Admiralty paper chart.

The Overlay includes all Admiralty T&P NMs in force worldwide and additional information that relates specifically to ENCs, published as ENC Preliminary NMs (EP NMs).

In Navmaster ECDIS this vital information is incorporated into Route Planning & Monitoring with an intelligent search function. Hugh Phillips, Head of Products, United Kingdom Hydrographic Office said:

“PC Maritime’s implementation of Admiralty Information Overlay is very advanced. Navmaster ECDIS is the first system to include AIO into route and vessel warnings. We are very pleased to be working together with PC Maritime in order to provide Navmaster ECDIS users with the essential navigational information provided by AIO.”

Anne Edmonds, Marketing Director of PC Maritime, added:

”We spent time thinking how we could make our implementation of AIO more useful to navigators. Navmaster users can check their routes against T&P NTMs and ENC-specific NTMs at planning stage. We added an intelligent ‘Search & Go-To’ function to make it quicker for the navigator to locate relevant Notices by either number or name.”

Access to AIO in Navmaster is free of charge in the latest software for user of the Admiralty Vector Chart Service.

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