Compass Adjustment

Lilley & Gilley Compass Adjustment PictureLilley & Gillie employs three very experienced and fully qualified M.C.A. certified compass adjusters working out of North Shields and London, who are available 24 hours per day to carry out onboard adjustment and service anywhere in the UK and abroad. Annex 13 of the MCA publication – Safety of Navigation – Implementing SOLAS Chapter V which superseded MGN 57 states that each magnetic compass required to be carried by the regulations shall be properly adjusted and its table or curve of residual deviations available at all times. 

Magnetic compasses should be adjusted when: 

  • They are first installed
  • They become unreliable
  • The ship undergoes structural repairs or alterations that could affect its permanent and induced magnetism
  • Electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass is added, removed or altered; or,
  • A period of two years has elapsed since the last adjustment and a record of compass deviations has not been maintained, or the recorded deviations are excessive or when the compass shows physical defects.

Equipment Repairs - As manufacturers of a wide range of navigation and electronic equipment, Lilley & Gillie are fully equipped to carry out repairs on both our own and other companies magnetic compasses and equipment. Our engineers would be happy to inspect a piece of equipment and provide a quotation prior to repair. As the only commercial company in the UK approved to carry out re-certification of magnetic compasses (see Annex 13) we are also able to issue a certificate upon completion of repairs or modifications.

For information or to book a magnetic compass adjustment call +44 (0) 1912704260 or email our head compass adjuster Bryan Robertson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.