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Failure to maintain a functioning compass may cause danger to shipping and delays to your vessel by order of Port State Control Inspectors. This is why it is so import to ensure you have your compass adjusted by professional experts such as John Lillie & Gillie.

Who do I trust to adjust my compass?


John Lilley and Gillie has 210 years expertise in the manufacture, adjustment and repair of magnetic compasses. We are proud to employ some of the best compass adjustment technicians in the world.

Our two MCA qualified compass adjusters have more than 60 years knowledge and experience between them. John Lilley & Gillie works closely with the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) in training and certification of new compass adjusters.

Our adjusters are longstanding members of the Chart and Nautical Instrument Trade Association (CNITA). They sit on the CNITA Compass Adjusters Certification panel that reviews and verifies the deviation cards of new trainee compass adjusters before they are able to enroll for the MCA examinations.

What does the compass adjustment service include?


We will always attend the vessel as required and never compromise the quality or accuracy of our compass adjustment work by engaging in “remote adjusting”.

We will supply a fully completed deviation card signed by the adjuster together with their MCA qualification number for your onboard records.

How do I get my compass repaired?


John Lilley and Gillie has workshop facilities that enable us to repair compasses, as and when required. Our technicians are skilled at adjusting, repairing and maintaining all compasses, irrespective of age and manufacturer.

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