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The Mk2020S is our full height binnacle fully approved for vessels of any size. The binnacle is manufactured in Europe from tough hard-wearing marine aluminium for long life and endurability and is available in dark Admiralty Grey.

MK2020S Outfit

The binnacle is supplied with the full set of correctors needed to meet the requirements of IMO Resolution A.382 and ISO 25862 including quadrantal correctors, flinders and B & C correction.

It is required that the compass can be read from the helmsman position. To achieve this we offer a periscope and lens arrangement. This is reflector version is used on most vessels.

Instead of the vertical reflection tube, a horizontal by-pass with a maximum length of 2 meters can be used (total length of the optical arrangements up to 3 meters). A by-pass is necessary if the helmsman position is not directly below the compass binnacle.

Key Features

  • Height 1,380mm
  • Footprint 485mm rounded square
  • Suitable for vessels of any size
  • Available in both Reflector and non-Reflector versions
  • Reduced shipyard installation work
  • Improved watertightness around deck/periscope area
  • Simple periscope assembly installation and removal
  • Low voltage lighting within the binnacle
  • Mounting arrangements for various TMC sensors
  • Uses John Lilley & Gillie award-winning SR4 Class A compass


We can also supply a non-reflector binnacle which has no periscope. In this case, a different method must be used to read the compass. We offer our GS820 TMC system to meet this requirement. A pickup attached to the compass allows interpretation of the heading. A repeater can be placed where convenient. It also allows an NMEA digital signal to output to other equipment such as the autopilot. Even when a periscope is fitted a TMC is often added for this function.

This compass outfit is available with Naval (DG Correction) options.

The compass outfit is Type Approved to the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and other Maritime Authorities including the Chinese Classification Society.

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