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The TRUECourse is a processing unit, incorporating indicators for true heading display and output as calculated of the magnetic compass heading by use of the local variation data received from the GPS.


Usually, the magnetic heading source will be a conventional “A” class magnetic compass such as the SR4 for high sea use.

TRUEcourse is certified acc. to relevant ISO11606 and other specifications. NMEA true heading output data sentence can be used to compare directly with satellite or gyro heading and to north stabilize the RADAR or other systems.

In case of GPS variation data failure, TRUEcourse will automatically switch over and display to original magnetic heading data. If required variation data can be manually entered.

A very unique feature is the 2h graphical recorder for magnetic and true heading within a total time period of the past 24h.

To use the TRUECourse you will need a digital magnetic compass output such as from our GS820 TMC.

Key Features

  • NMEA input
  • NMEA output
  • Outputs true heading
  • Numerical and digital tape indication
  • Can switch between true and magnetic course
  • Variation input automatically from GPS or can be manually set
  • Heading history in graphical format
  • Flush or desk mount
  • Power fail alarm
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