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P1920 Steering Repeater

P1920 Steering Repeater

The P1920 Steering repeater gives a visual indication of heading from both true and magnetic inputs.


The requirement is for the helmsman at the steering position to read the compass and 15° to either side of the lubber line. To achieve this the P1920 has both a numerical and a digital tape indicator.

The digital tape copies the feel of looking directly at the compass. It is helpful as it gives the helmsman and other members of the bridge team good awareness of the rate of turn and the difficulty level of maintaining heading.

Key Features

  • NMEA input
  • NMEA output
  • Incorporates numerical and digital tape indicator
  • Separate remote dimmer available (P1277)
  • IP65 rated from the front
  • Accepts the following NMEA0183 mnemonics GGA, HDG, HDM, HDT, MTW, MWD, MWV, THS, VBW, VHW, VLW, VTG and XDR.
  • Meets IEC 60945, 61162 & 62288


Depending on the inputs the P1920 can switch between three different heading modes:

  • True heading
  • Compass heading
  • Magnetic heading (compass heading adjusted for the vessels deviation)
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