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Do I need a speed log?


A speed log is required on all passenger ships irrespective of size and on all ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards. A speed and distance measuring device which indicates speed and distance through water is required by SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 19 Carriage.

A vessel over 50,000 gross tonnage also needs, “a speed and distance measuring device, or other means, to indicate speed and distance over the ground in the forward and athwartships direction.” Importantly these requirements must be met by separate pieces of equipment. (See IMO MSC.1/Circ.1429).

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How does a speed log work?


Our state of the art Speed Logs monitor and record conditions to enable you to meet IMO requirements. Our models use proven electromagnetic log technology to provide accurate and reliable readings and records regardless of sea conditions and water depth.

John Lilley & Gillie acquired the renowned Walker Speed Log brand more than twenty years ago. We have since developed our models using end user feedback to enhance performance and maximise value for money through the design and manufacturing process.

Is a John Lilley & Gillie Speed Log approved for international use?


Our Walker Speed Log models 4020 and 7070 are both designed and manufactured to fully meet IMO requirements, for vessels up to 49,999 gross tonnage. Both models are fully type approved by Bureau Veritas against European Equipment Directive (MED) and China Classification Society.

Our Speed Log systems are fully approved for marine use and the 4020 and 7070 models are deployed in commercial vessels worldwide. Both models also meet the relevant codes for high-speed crafts.

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Which Speed Log system is best for shallow waters?


The 7070 Speed Log has a retractable sensor and gate-valve and is fitted on naval and coastguard vessels that require stealth operation, precise readings in shallow waters and easy maintenance.

Walker wind and weather devices can be integrated to the 7070 to expand the functionality of the integrated system and to meet the complex requirements for naval operation.

How do I order a John Lilley & Gillie Speed Log?

Having led the market for many years, both Walker Speed Log models 4020 and 7070 models are supported by our network of world-side distributors. John Lilley & Gillie provide technical and sales training to our network including installation, commissioning, and after-sales support.

We also have branch offices with full stock in the busiest region in USA (Texas) and Singapore to keep your vessel running smoothly.

To discuss your Speed Log requirements, please contact us or your nearest dealer on our distributor list.

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