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John Lille & Gillie has 210 years of expertise in manufacturing cutting edge weather monitoring systems. Our high quality equipment bundles enable you to monitor wind and weather conditions accurately and cost effectively.

All of our systems fully comply with IEC 60945, IEC 61162-2 and IEC 62288.

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Wind and Weather Monitoring Systems

Our 5000 modular weather monitoring systems displays air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure readings. Comprising a masthead (P1002), indicator (P1255) and 40mtr cable (P293B), a water temperature sensor (P1263) can also be added to the 5000 system.

The 5002 is a system that checks both wind and weather conditions and includes our innovative masthead combination wind and weather sensor (P1003), wind indicator (P1249), weather indicator (P1255) and P293B 40Mtr cable.

You can upgrade the 5002 weather monitoring system by adding P1066 to give true wind observations. You can also add the 7070Mk2 EM Speed Log for wind, weather, speed, and distance readings in one complete package.

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Wind Monitoring Systems

You can reliably monitor wind conditions with John Lilley and Gillie’s cost effective, complete systems.

Walker 2050Mk2 relative wind monitoring system utilises a cup and vane (P296) and comprises a sensor, an indicator (P1249), and a 40mtr cable (P293B).

Walker 2080Mk2 relative wind monitoring system incorporates a steady state ultrasonic masthead (P292) instead of a cup and vane for greater accuracy.

Both systems can be upgraded to provide true wind readings by adding a P1066 True Wind Interface.

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