Lilley & Gillie Marine Instruments

Bells and Fog Gong

F0030 Bell, brass, 300mm dia., c/w certificate
and engraving (if required).

F0031 Bell, brass, 200mm dia., c/w bracket,
and engraving (if required).

FW3000 Zinc plated steel 410mm fog gong and
beater c/w

Clock, chronometer, barometers and barograph

FW0100 Clock, quartz, 150mm (6”) dia. dial, marine
quality brass case, bulkhead mounting.

F0046 Chronometer, Gillie Sestrel, quartz 90mm
dial, wood box.

FW0016 Barometer, aneroid, 150mm (6”) dia. dial,
mm & mb scale, marine quality brass case,
black paint finish, bulkhead mounting.

F0010 Barograph, type 207M with damped
movement in wood case c/w 50 off 7 day

Sextant and binoculars

F0800 Sextant, type Lilley & Gillie 4 x 40
c/w carrying case and calibration

F0037 Binoculars 7 x 50, waterproof,
individual focusing, rubber armoured
c/w soft padded case and straps.



FW0056: Clinometer, clock type, 150mm (6") dia. dial, pendulum operation, marine quality brass case, black paint finish, flush mounting, c/w 24v DC illumination

FW0070: Clinometer, enginer room type, pendulum operation, 35-0-35

FW0076: Clinometer, type 457, bubble operation, single glass tube 15-0-15 deg., on wooden board, c/w calibration certificate